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 Chris Schmelke, photographer extraordinaire

Chris. The fabulously talented, absolutely hilarious, really good sport photographer that has become a celebrity in his own right, especially at Creation conventions. I was able to catch Chris for a few questions -- complete with astounding and breathtaking photos.

How long have you been the photographer for Creation?

12 years but I have done work with them since I was 14. My mother started working at Creation when I was in elementary school.

What do you enjoy most about taking photos?

Capturing pure happiness for a few seconds.

Why do you think Supernatural and its cast have become so popular?

I think the conventions have embraced the theme of the show which revolves around family and watching the backs of people you care about no matter what. As far as the cast, they are one of a kind.  Once you meet them, it just reinforces why you love them.

Can you tell us a funny photo op story?

These are personal stories that I store in the deep basement of my brain. Someday I can share some as long as I don’t forget!

For the camera nerds – which camera do you use the most, and why?

My leica camera which resonated to why I love photography. It is all manual focus and you have to take the time and have the skill to use it.  I’m still learning!

What is one thing you wish con-goers would know?

Drink water. All day.

Approximately how many photo ops do you think you’ve taken over the years?

Honestly over a million.

What advice would you give amateur photogs?

Shoot what you love and remember that no one will ever take that picture you take again. They are all special.

What is your personal favourite photo that you’ve taken? (Not necessarily Supernatural.)

The first pics of my 2 sons.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

Both my father and uncle were photographers. I grew up mesmerized by my dad’s darkroom so that probably played a big part.  There was something mysterious about the red light and photos hanging on the line. Photography is very unique and timeless. 

 Such a great interview! I love the photos shown. He does such great work. ~ @Detroit_Mommy

Awww, a great interview. I love his pictures and his advice for amateurs are so lovely. He's so right. Thanks for the Interview.       ~ @bettinabier