Supernatural Episode Reviews

"Wayward Sisters" 13x10

by @CarolHansson

I came into Wayward Sisters with anticipation, being pretty damn sure I was going to like it. And I did – as with any pilot, it had its issues, but nothing that can’t be fixed, or will get better in time. I know other reviews have gone into detail about the entire episode, but I’ve never been one to break down any sort of fiction, whether it be novels, movies or TV shows – so here are some point by point thoughts on Wayward Sisters.

The good:

  1. Over all, I loved the way the episode felt. It was still Supernatural – it still had monsters and the heroes that fight them. However, we have a group of lovely ladies who are fighting the monsters, instead of Sam and Dean. One of the few worries I had about Wayward was that it was going to be a completely new show (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) – I am in love with Supernatural as it is, and thought the idea of different characters in the same world was fabulous. Wayward delivered.
  2. The characters, from the familiar – Jody, Donna, Claire and Alex – to the new – Kaia and Patience – were wonderful. It was so nice to see some of the camaraderie between them, and to get some more insight into their personalities. Here are some specific thoughts on each of the characters:
    1. Jody – I believe out of all of these characters, Jody is the one we know the most. She’s a mother first of all, and that truly shows through all of her actions. She’s a caretaker (naturally, she’s got the home that shelters the sisters) and a nurturer – and just like any mom, she’s a worrier as well. I was very pleased to see Jody acknowledge the fact that Claire had to go to the Bad Place to save Sam and Dean; she understands what drove Claire, and that if she didn’t go, she’d always wonder.
    2. Donna – I have to say that Donna, and Briana Buckmaster, is absolutely one of my favourite characters. She’s come a long way since The Purge, when we first met Donna. It would be interesting to see what Donna’s been up to since Plush (Looking at IMDB, I couldn’t believe it’s been almost three years since we saw Donna. Wow.) … a prequel, or flashback, perhaps?
    3. Claire – Claire is the stereotypical version of a sullen, angry teenager – on the surface. (And yes, I know that she’s 20.) This girl’s got depth. She still has that “I can survive anything” mentality that many teenagers have – yet she has the hero complex going on as well, thinking that if she’s going to die, at least she’s going to die a hero. It was really interesting seeing her truly confront her death with Patience’s vision, and how that made her realize that she needs her family. She honestly reminds me a lot of Dean in earlier seasons of Supernatural – before Sam joined him in hunting. I’m thinking this similarity is done on purpose …
    4. Alex – Out of all of these characters, I think we saw into Alex’s psyche the least. I’m hoping this is going to change in future episodes, because I like Alex’s character. She’s very much in this for Jody, and I think that’s an important relationship.
    5. Kaia – Kaia’s character has so many similarities to Claire – other than it seems that Kaia is a lover and not a fighter, whereas Claire is the opposite. Both characters were runaways, both had internal demons that they fought (Claire dealing with not having a father, Kaia being a Dream Walker). It’ll be interesting to see what happens when alt-Kaia comes into the picture.
    6. Patience – Patience is definitely one of the ingredients that I think will make Wayward Sisters a recipe for success. She is very new to her psychic powers, and I’m looking forward to seeing her become more confident. (I have to say, “I killed a monster” and “Welcome to the family” was one of my favourite interchanges in this episode.)
  3. The threads running through this episode were the same. There’s the obvious family thread – which is a found family, and I think that’s awesome. There was sacrifice – there was triumph. And as with every Supernatural episode, more questions than answers – but I’ll get to those later.

The bad:

  1. I did not like the monster at the end. He didn’t even look like the smaller monsters, and definitely didn’t make the chittering noises that they did. IMHO, I think TPTB wanted fans to think dinosaurs – and the monster wasn’t even close to a dinosaur. I’m hoping they’ll explain more about this monster some time in the future …
  2. Some of the beats were a bit jarring, but I think this is a chemistry thing. Jared and Jensen have worked together for over a decade, so they have the line delivery down perfectly. I think this’ll come in time …
  3. I think there could’ve been some more explanation as to why Sam and Dean were wandering around the Bad Place for two days without finding the portal back home. You’d think it would’ve stayed in the same place? I have my own theories about that though.

Some thoughts:

  1. Does alt-Kaia have the same Dream Walking ability that our Kaia does? And what about her ability to blow away the angels, with her scream, like in the Bad Place? (Or was that Jack? I wasn’t sure.)
  2. Why did alt-Kaia not kill Sam and Dean right away? I think alt-Kaia had to kill our Kaia before she could enter our world – and the only way she could do that was if our Kaia came to her world. There have been some rumblings on-line about alt-Kaia and our Kaia being two halves of the same whole – I have to say that our Kaia seemed a bit … wimpy to me, and maybe that’s why?

All in all I thought the episode was good, and am looking forward to the next.