When I joined the #SPNfamily, I discovered "J2sday" and the sheer amount of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles photos ... so I decided that Changing Channels would join in the fun! All of the photos here are my own or @historychick29's, and all are either taken on set in Vancouver, or from VanCon 2016, VanCon 2017, or SPNNola 2017. Each Tuesday I will post one new photo of Jared and Jensen -- enjoy!

Jared and Jensen Appreciation

Jared appreciation comments March 6, 2018

"What do I love most about Jared? Hands down, his soul. I see it shine through brighter than the sun each and every time I look at him. From his goofball personality to his wicked sense of humour. His hugely generous heart of gold and his genuine enthusiasm for everything he undertakes. He is never afraid to make fun of himself and he embodies the personality of a lovable hyperactive puppy. His contagious laugh and warm smile is enough to brighten my darkest day. And speaking of darkest days, I admire him so much for going public with his mental health issues. I have suffered with mental issues myself since I was a young adult. I am old enough now that his mental health campaigns came long after I had gone through my very darkest times. I wish more than anything that I had had someone like him come forward back when I needed it most. But somehow I was able to do what he now professes everyone should do, and that is to recognize my own strength and know that I am enough. But it took a hellishly long time to get there on my own. Even just the smallest ray of hope from someone like him would have made so much of a difference to me. I see what he has now accomplished for so many people since his first #AKF campaign and I am so proud of him. He has taught me I can have the courage to be vulnerable yet strong. And I hold that ideal so dear to my heart. As far as I am concerned, he is one of the most inspiring and encouraging people out there. He has paved the way for mental health awareness and for that alone he would have my undying gratitude and admiration." ~  Carrie (@mokiness099)

"I love Jared's openness about his struggles with mental health. He is an inspiration to all of his fans. He makes me want to Always Keep Fighting! I hope that one day I get to meet him and tell him what an inspiration he has been to me." ~ @KBelitsky

"It is impressive that a public figure is so open-minded about his illness and thus publicizes the disease and gives it a prominent face. By openly confessing to his depression, he gives other people the opportunity to realize that anyone can be affected by this disease and that it is no shame to confess to depression. Through his social commitment, he is a role model for others. Also how he shares his private life with his fans is impressive and by no means self-evident. With every story I read of other fans lucky enough to meet Jared, I read his friendly and open way to interact with his fans. Nothing seems set and rehearsed or even enforced. I hope someday to have the luck to meet this man once personally. I wish him all the luck in the world and all the strength to fight against his illness. I wish you all the best, that many people can be helped, 'You are enough', 'Always keep fighting', 'Love yourself first' and any other charity campaign that follows. The fact that Jared also supports an anti-bullying campaign means a lot to me because I was bullied at school myself. 'German tanks rolling again' was just one of the regressive sentences that I had to endure. It has contributed to the fact that I still trust no man and still have a broken self-confidence. Thanks to the SPN Family, there are changes in self-confidence." ~ Claudia (@woelfin261172)

"He's super funny and the attention and love he gives to his fans: I can't wait to be in his presence to give some love back!" ~ @Almostacookie

"That he is a fighter, and even in his darkest time he did something amazing. His Always keep Fighting Campaign. #AKF He helps so much people with that. And i love about him that he is a Family Man. I bet he would do everything for his Family & Friends and he is the sweetest to his fans." ~ @bettinabier

"I love Jared's bravery. There's (sadly) still so much stigma still attached to mental illness that Jared's decision to be open about dealing with depression is so beautiful. He is an inspiration." ~ @PlatinumRoseLady

"I couldn't possibly put in words what Jared means to me or how much I love him. He's my rock. He's my sunshine. In a world so dark I couldn't see how I could go on, he became the one beacon of light that guided me home. If I'm fighting today, if I'm even a tiny bit happy today, the biggest reason behind that is Jared. He is... everything. Quoting one of my favourite John Donne poems: 'Nothing else is.'" ~ @mahimabh

"He is a big old sweetheart. I get the sense that if time was not an issue, he would hug everyone, and thank them personally for being a fan. And he cracks me up with his goofy, physical comedy on stage persona, all the while loving and admiring his best friend. And of course, as with all SPN, he uses his celebrity to help others, which is the best any of us can do." ~ @ ChristiMcC72

"Is there a character limit ? Because I might go slightly overboard and end up with a 15K words essay...okay, let's keep it short an focused. What do I love most about Jared ? Um...Jared ? The whole of Jared ? See, Jensen is an anchor. It's easy to rely on him because he's very straightforward. What you see is what you get. Jared is different, and that's probably what makes them such a fantastic team. I've always been unable to keep my emotions under control, and I've always been told that not being able to keep them in check was a sign of immaturity and weakness...And I've never really found someone who had the same issue. Until I've discovered Supernatural and Jared, whose light come from those emotions. All of a sudden, I was empowered by someone who thought that being a fan was a super power, and that all this flow, or in my case, and I suspect, his too, overflow of emotions wasn't a liability, but an asset. Years and years of abuse lost their grip over me, and I started to get a better grasp at who I was because he was just...There. And he doesn't cheat. Mindblowing, right ? He made being easily overwhelmed something I shouldn't be ashamed of anymore, and it made my life a million times more simple. That's about one millionth of the reasons why I love Jared...But we'll have millions of Tuesday, won't we ?" ~  @Aaaahhhxy

Jensen appreciation comments March 6, 2018

"What do I love most about Jensen. More than anything, I love how far he has come in the 13 years of this show. When he first started doing conventions he was always purported to be gracious and friendly but somewhat reserved. Some people called him shy, but more often than not he would admit to just being reserved more than shy. That he held back a lot of himself personally and seemed to enjoy more the sharing of the show he had helped to become so popular. He was also quite humble of his many gifts, including singing. He was always seen as the one who helped to keep Jared on track (as much as that is ever possible) his straight man as it were. But slowly over the years we saw him become more and more open with the fans about himself as he became aware of just how special and unique this fandom was. He learned to share with us his love of singing and has felt the encouragement of us to pursue that dream of his. He has come a long way from being shy about his singing to having the courage to belt songs out like a rock star, and thoroughly enjoy himself while doing it. And while he still provides an awesome anchor for Jared’s craziness, he has learned that he can feel safe to let go in that regard too and has learned to share his own unique brand of humor and his own somewhat zany, fun loving personality. Thank you Jensen for learning to trust us with yourself."  ~Carrie (@mokiness099)

"I love listening to Jensen sing, and hearing his laughter. His support of Jared and the You Are Not Alone campaign is admirable. I really hope to meet him one day." ~ @KBelitsky

"When I first saw Jensen on the internet (it was in the livestream of the NerdHQ 2016), my first thought was: What's that weird guy? He somehow did not want to fit Jared, Misha and Mark. Then I started to watch 'Supernatural' and completely changed my mind. His ability to add a touch of humor to actually completely serious or dramatic scenes is second to none. Often I have the impression with actors that they are doing just that - acting. And that sometimes more bad than good. With Jensen I have to keep reminding myself that I do not look at a reality show, but a TV show with monsters that act like humans and people who behave like monsters. His interaction with Jared leaves no doubt that there are two brothers in front of the camera. This continues in private life. Jensen's acting skills are impressive. I am extremely hard to cry. But when Jensen, as Dean Winchester, lets his feelings run wild-I'm thinking of the scene where he tells Sam about his stay in hell and the tears run down his face or the bathroom scene in 'Regarding Dean' - then I'm sitting with wet eyes in front of the TV. Meanwhile, I'm what you call a Dean Girl. Maybe it's because I'm also the older sibling (but with my sister and myself it's 10 years). I too find it difficult to talk openly about my feelings. That's why I feel very close to the Winchester brothers. I love Jensen's smile. When he smiles, his whole being smiles. Some people smile without this smile coming to their eyes. Jensen's smile makes my heart warm. To admire Jensen's acting abilities even outside of 'Supernatural', I bought 'Dark Angel', 'My Bloody Valentine' and 'Devour' as a DVD. But - clearly. I like this actor. Although I have been waiting for an answer to my autograph request for almost a year ... I hope to meet him someday. Maybe then someday I'll have the opportunity to ask the burning questions that keep me busy all the time: 1. Which emotion is the hardest to act on? 2. After so many years of hunting - why can the Winchester brothers sew themselves together but have no idea of mouth-to-mouth or heart-pressure massage ??? !!!!!" ~ Claudia (@woelfin261172)

"He transforms into an adorable goofball in the bat of an eye and it's such a sweet thing to see! Also, how he's become such a rockstar on stage!" ~ @Almostacookie

"He always makes me speechless, he has so much talent. He can Act & he can sing. You know what i mean. He can't be real. But he his. I love about him that he is down to earth, a Family Man & also would do everything for his Family & Friends. He also go foe his Dreams. You know, his Family Business Beer Company. He's always kind to his fans." ~ @bettinabier

"What I love about Jensen is his easy smile. He watches all the lunacy going on around him (usually thanks to Jared, Misha or the fans) and just gets that 'Y'all are nuts but I love you' grin on his face. So sweet." ~ PlatinumRoseLady

"Jensen's laughter makes the world seem like a better place. His voice guides me to a safe haven when anxiety has me in its grips. His silent resilience gives me strength, making me believe that I can do whatever it is that I need to and actually kick ass. He's a rockstar and I love him more than I can say." ~ @mahimabh

"He is absurdly talented.... Acting, singing, Husband, Dad..... even brewing. A true renaissance man. A self described "craftsman" who puts his all into everything he does. And he could easily sit back and enjoy his brilliant life completely removed from the fandom, but he shares his talents and himself with us, and all of those he helps through charitable acts. In short, if I did not love him, I would probably hate him for being so damned perfect." ~ @ChristiMcC72

"I've known and loved Jensen for a long, long time now...About half of my life, now that I come to think about it ! Dark Angel was a big deal for me back in the days, and to this day, it remains one of my favorite show ever. Jensen is such a brilliant actor, he's able to be as funny and silly as he is to be emotional and to push his characters beyond the limits of what was written for them. Dean is a good example of it all. Jensen has something very boy-next-door (assuming you'd have a neighbor that gorgeous, and I mean, unless you live in a permanent chick flick, it just doesn't happen in real life) in him, he's a good father, a good husband, a good actor, a good person overall, and he's very simple about it all, he just lives his life the way he intends to while trying to do as much good around him as he can. He's a healthy, balanced role model, and his moral compass is one to trust. He's the textbook definition of a good man." ~ @Aaaahhhxy