About Changing Channels and Carol Hansson


Changing Channels is dedicated to being a positive influence in both the Supernatural and Lucifer fandoms. Highlights of the site include:

* Days and appreciation pages dedicated to cast members for both shows (Misha Monday, Moose Day, Wayward Wednesday and JenSunday for Supernatural; Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia and Lesley-Ann Brandt for Lucifer)

* #FanArtFriday galleries for Supernatural and Lucifer

* Fan profiles for Supernatural and Lucifer

* Daily contests and prizes

* Cast and crew interviews

Changing Channels Twitter handle is @ChangingChanne1 -- check it out, there's always something happening!

Carol Hansson has 18 years of writing experience. She has written for Canadian Cowboy Country and Movie TV Tech Geeks, and continues to write a biweekly blog for Horse Canada.


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